Petromin Oil A-1 5W-20

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Petromin A-1 5W-20
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PETROMIN A1 SUPER SYNTHETIC is a high-performance lubricant using synthetic technology, specially developed for gasoline hybrid vehicle engines, meeting and compatible with the requirements of the latest direct injection and conventional engines. The low viscosity and durable film properties provide the performance needed for a hybrid engine that undergoes frequent starting and excessive wear on the engine. Hybrid protects against this potential excessive wear and extends engine life.


  • Ensuring sustainable high performance, thus meeting the needs of engines in extended and better oil drain intervals.
  • Ensure high and stable quality through excellent detergent properties that give greater engine cleanliness to improve performance.
  • The high viscosity index results in a stable viscosity during operation and a high-speed pumping capacity of all internal engine parts.
  • Full compatibility with other engine oils.
  • Superior wear resistance properties protect the most sensitive parts of the engine.
  • Easy cold start and perfect lubrication at high temperatures, ensures low oil consumption and cold start protection against wear.

the use

  • Recommended for all hybrid gasoline engines in cars and light vehicles.
  • All engines are turbocharged and multi-valve.
  • Suitable for harsh operating conditions, on highways, heavy city traffic and in severe weather conditions.
  • Fits and exceeds the performance requirements of most European, Japanese and American car manufacturers.

performance level

API ………………………. SN

DaimlerChrysler.. MB229.31

Volkswagen ...... 502.00 / 505.00

BMW ………………… Long life 04




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